[OT] MacOS: a long standing bug

Renaming files on macOS is not easy at first.

The Rename MenuItel (File Menu) disappear somewhere along the OS versions.

Of course, Get Info and Contextual Menu exists, but you have to know (or search).

Sometimes, I made typos while typing names for files (far more recently). And so, I want to remove them.

Sometimes, I want to modify the name of a bunch of files.

I use a Search Result window to make the changes (because, often I saw them there).

And then I discovered a bug: the file name was changed (it can be checked n the Get File Info window), but the change does not appears in the (search window) list.

The only solution, in that case, is to add a character (often, read below) n the Get Info window, at the end of the file name, just before the file extension. Press Return, wait some seconds and remove that extra character. The changes are then validated.

Now, in the same “location”, the Result window of a search, sometimes a rename is simply impossible; even in the ContextualMenu, the Rename feature is unavaieble; sometimes it returns an error.

This occured also in Big Sur * / M1.

The only solution is the file name tiny editable area of the Get Info.

  • I do not have checked Big Sur last week minor version.

Another one on the Search / Replace front:

Rename+Renumber a series of files…

It destroy the previous contents even if your file name is:

xDev v12-09 - 15 - All about renaming items in your hard disk

The part “ All about…” is lost.

Also, sometimes, you have to make the process far more than once to get a real suite numbering shema (and not “xDev v12-09 - 198” where there are only 100 items to renumber.
I got that a lot.

Apple: surprise us, please (in the good way, of course).

Emile, unless you SPECIFY what you are doing nobody can help - it’s just moaning. So what EXACTLY are you doing?

This is more an information given to the community than anything else.

I am dealing with some files and folders and noticed some bugs. Then, when I was able to check on M1/Big Sur, I saw these bugs are still there…

Thank you for asking.

It tooks me time, but I found a solution: rebuild the desktop index files.

How do I do that ? After looking at the internet, I searched a current method and recalled how to do that:

Close every Search window(s)
Open Spotlight,
click n the rightmost (2nd) Tab,
move the hard disk in the display area,
Let the OS understand what happened (drink a cup of tea),
Select the Hard Disk,
Click in the minus sign (-) to remove the Hard Disk from the list.
And the OS will rebuilt the index files.

All sunsequent searches will return the correct data until…
They miss a clear cache (or refresh…) at Power Off (or Power On) time. But for the ones who never Power Off their computer…