OSX - Spoken Content TIP

This applies to High Sierra (and may or may not apply to other versions of OSX)

Yesterday I activated “Spoken Content” as my mother is having visual issues.

First off, this Option is under ZOOM on HS (but under “spoken content” on later OSX)

Anyways… for some reason after I left, the computer stopped speaking. my sister went over this morning to see why. While on the phone, I had an old laptop with HS on it, so I could follow what she was doing… I got mine to speak by just checking that one checkbox. On my mom’s computer this did nothing… UNTIL… she switch the option from “always” to “with key” and back to “always”

THEN it worked again. Why this happened, and why the option had to be toggled to take affect I have no idea… but then I also don’t know why it stopped in the first place.

But I’m putting this here in case anyone else runs across a similar issue


Nice catch.