Opinon : Asthetics

I have a table (iPhone) that looks like this

The top row indicates a medication that is still active and being taken on a regular basis
the second row indicates one that had been taken in the past but is no longer

Informational I’m satisfied with how it looks… BUT I think the colors and fonts could use some visual tweeks… It is very important that it be easy to read, and that the discontinued meds are obvious (in an older version, my doctor misunderstood and thought I was still taking one)

If I may.

  1. Increase padding It seems that horizontal padding doesn’t match the vertical padding.
  2. Make the labels the same size and weight as the content. Because you have a small amount of data, I don’t believe that trying to increase the labels visibility is needed.
  3. The medication title feels too big, you can reduce the size and increase the weight so it still is a title.
  4. The expired date background color should include a balanced padding and rounded corners.
  5. If someone has already suggested that the expired is not obvious, take that in. While I get it, for some people you will need to provide a better indicator that these meds are no longer being taken. Even perhaps an additional row of text in that contentRow to say “No longer taking” or something. The simplest is often the most understandable.
  6. Is that your own color scheme or the default OS one?
  7. Use Google to look up some examples for inspiration, there’s a ton on pinterest or Dribble, and Google searches both.
  8. Using NSDateFormatter and NSNumberFormatter, you can get the macOS to display natural dates such as “2nd Jan, '03” and “1st Jan, 2001”. While this isn’t major, it makes the date less cognitive effort for the user.

in regards to #2, they ARE the same font/size, but I too see a discrepency
#4, each date is situated in a label the are of equal size, it was the easiest way to support all size of device
#5, after someone mistook an expired med, I added the background color
#6 all the colors are under my control
#7, I have spent hours searching for other apps that display similar, to no avail

#8, I am using NSDateFormatter, and I find this format the easiest to understand