Opinions on 3rd Pty SwiftUI layout tools like JUDO, DetailsPro etc

do any swift peeps here have any experience or thoughts on the few third party layout tools like JUDO, DetailsPro - maybe even Figma ( when including the export to SwiftUI plugin ) - to make the initial visual layout design and prototyping going a little quicker before plunging into Xcode and swift ?

Clearly we have this in XOJO - and of course SwiftUI is very very different - but all the same - what are peeps thoughts on using a drag and drop layout tool as a first step to getting a rough UI going ?

Are there any other similar tools one should consider?

Sorry haven’t used any of them to make a SwiftUI based app
The little I did use Figma it was more of a pain in the rear than useful

I have an app I use that takes a Xojo GUI layout and converts it to Swift (not SwiftUI)
however it is not quite ready for public deployment

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I’m still only learning Swift UI and I’m old, so I am used to hand typing markup languages, which is actually what I like about Swift UI.

I hate HTML editors because they often impose limits and try to over control. I want this here, nope, you can have it here, here or there, but not where you want. Whereas when I hand type it, I can put it where I want it and configure it the way I want it (CSS laughs in my face).

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Still learning SwiftUI and do all work in Xcode.

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FYI - an interview with the devs behind Judo

Judo looks like a contender for me - its SwifUI under the hood and written ( unlike Figma ) specifically for SwiftUI projects

“Judo is a design and build tool for SwiftUI apps that writes production-ready code for you while you’re designing. Eliminate back-and-forth with developers and free them from unrewarding grunt work.”


I’ve just signed on and trying out a months subscription to JUDO on App Store - a graphical editor for crafting SwiftUI desgns that can be ported to Xcode and swift.

Will let. you guys know how I get on