Opinion : Resizing Controls in Xojo IDE

There are some controls the obviously need to be resized both vertically and horizontally, there are some that shouldn’t be resizeable at all, but seems Xojo does allow this

All my observations are based on macOS… So I don’t know if these behaviours are the same in Windows

For example, a SEGMENTEDCONTROL. is a fixed height (24px) yet the IDE allow the developer to create a bounding area of nearly any size, same with checkbox, radiobutton and a few others.

It seems these ARE restricted in an iOS project.

Do you think controls should be restricted in how the IDE allows the bounding area to be sized, based on the type of control it is???

Ideally it’d be awesome to read those spec from the OS as to which can / cannot be relied

BUT, the kicker is that is decidedly NOT x-platform as trying to design on a Mac for windows you cant tell what windows may or may not allow
And vice versa on Windows and designing for the Mac

Plus, at least in Xojo’s case, where there are controls that are fixed height / width on one platform they may not be on another

I’m not sure there’s any perfect answer here that works across the board

that probably explains why Xojo iOS (er. MOBILE) works differently. Well since my IDE is for Swift on macOS only… I can define the control XML to set how each control can be resized.