Online tutors

I expect most people here have never used an online tutor to update or learn a programming language, but I think it might be the best thing for me, since I’ll be travelling and can just contact my tutor as needed online.

Anyone have any opinions about CodeMentor, SuperProf, Tutors-Live, etc… There’s plenty of options out there…

I know most people say, “hey - you can just learn it online for free, why would you want a tutor?”. Well, the info online can be REALLY out of date, and of course I can pull information, snippets, etc. from the web, but I want to have someone I can can call up and say “look at this code”. Is this the best way to do this? Why isn’t this working? and get instant feedback.

First off, since you expect most people here have never used an online tutor, that would suggest that most people here would not be able to express a valid opinion, since they would never have used one.

And if any one here HAS or know someone who has, perhaps if you mentioned the language you wish to focus on…

Lol. I say this because in the past when I’ve asked any programmers, they all say they’ve never used one. Hopefully I’m wrong!

Ideally I’m looking for a Blazor tutor who’s up on VS2022, Maui and .NET 6.0 and X-Platform programming.
But I’ll settle for someone who’s an expert at x-plat C#/Blazor since being an expert on preview/beta software isn’t really realistic.

never used one beyond “grab a good book on it and learn”

As I figured. It’s always been my way too, but I simply don’t have the time anymore. I need quick instant resources now and I’m ok paying for that. :slight_smile:

In my beginners time I would prefer a Tutor like Norman Palardy with his broad range of experience and knowledge. Today I do not need Tutors and I am producing in an environment I can handle without. But, maybe, I would possibly using a tutor if I would have to switch to a complete different technology base. Like switching from Java to Xojo Delphi.

I too have bent Norm’s ear plenty and also others who know much more than I do about programming. They’ve graciously offered their services for no charge, but they are busy people with their own projects. So now I need to find someone who’s looking to make a few bucks to be at my beck and call. :wink:

Some of the online services have the “first lesson free” so I could see how it goes, but I’ll bet finding anyone that knows C# as it relates to X-Plat and then also Blazor is going to be a challenge since most of the tutors on these sites look to be more “general” programmers.

Your area of interest is not mine, so I can’t point you to any tutors on your subject. I am using a lot of online courses like, which often are not of any good quality (outdated, etc.), but it is helpful to find out if a teacher fits in general my needs (coding style, language, etc).

Many tutors on these online platforms are meanwhile running own platforms too and those who have focused on tutorials often are even advertising consultancy services.

I made once good experience on a very specific training for powershell by finding a tutor on and once by contacting directly a YouTuber whose videos I liked, and he was happy to offer me some paid help.

So kind of finding Bob Keeney’s videos for Xojo in the old days, and asking him if he would be willing to help out. Contacting some one on a forum might be useful as well. Not every good programmer is producing tutorials, but some might see a business in teaching you, but only after you asked them :wink: - Good luck!