On the verge of 'taking it all back'

I bought Xojo2020 in order to allow me to build for ARM if I choose.
As an experiment, I restarted from scratch an app I have in mind for iOS, clean sheet, API2
And I have to confess I am amazed how quickly I have been able to do what took me 8 months a few years back.
Its not complete yet
I still find myself banging up against no ‘selectcolor’ dialog, and access to iCloud
(because users HATE sharing files by dragging them into shared documents folder)

It’s hard to find documentation about the diffs between ‘Mobile this’ and ‘IOS that’ - I expect this is a push towards shared components (like B4X controls) so that if Android is ever possible, we can share some code.
(Oddly the list view is still an iOSListview not a MobileListView, so I can envisage some issues there. )

But overall, I am actually enjoying the coding process for iOS in Xojo
Didn’t expect to be saying THAT at the end of 2020


I updated an older iOS project to 2020 R2 last weekend and the only thing I really had to do was set Simple References to off and fully resolve the old Xojo framework. I’m really just kicking the can down the road a bit but my immediate problem was solved and the client is happy (for now).

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I stopped giving money to Xojo after API 2. However, with the advent of ARM Macs and the new Worker feature, I decided to bite the bullet, downgrade to Desktop from Pro, and buy into 2020r2.

Close to 30,000 deprecations in my main project, but with some minor tweaks it just ran. Encouraged by that I decided to clobber some of those deprecations. After a week and a half of long days, the total is down to under 1,000, all of which are Date vs DateTime. Most difficult was the new database stuff, and I’m still finding bugs, but overall, it wasn’t so bad.

Sadly I can’t compile for Apple Silicon since I use XojoScript extensively, but all in all, I am mildly satisfied.

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like prodman, I gave up on Xojo with the advent of API2 and the drastic change in they way they handle customer interactions. Perhaps in a year or two after I have switched to the new ARM technology I will buy the base $99 package again . If I need Windows I can still use 2019r1.1…

But never again will I buy any of the larger Xojo packages… They burned that bridge

If you have and follow naming standards it can be really easy to update to API 2.1 with RegEx.