OmegaBundle for Xojo 2020 - Views

What are the thoughts around this bundle?

One thing I’m a little confused around is the Valentina element - it seems incredible value when you look at the pricing of the Pro studio and unlimited server elements. Any one here experience of these products - are there any distribution licence issues I need to be aware of etc?

Any views on other elements within the bundle - I see MBS have a couple of plugins included too which is always a positive in my experience.

I use Valentina Studio Pro all the time - great product. Have a licence for the server (from previous omegaBundle) but haven’t got round to testing this. However from my experience so far would definitely recommend.

Plus i think the ADKs will work with LiveCode as well, if you’re that way inclined…

The Valentina Server license is the Office one. It’s not for redistribution. Valentina Server and Studio are great products.

You use the studio to manage SQL databases or other purposes - sorry a little confused as to what it offers over other SQL management toolsets - many of which are free?

Sorry yes - is the APK licence for distribution and royalty free?

Valentina Studio has more features nowadays:

  • SQL Editor
  • Database Editor
  • Server Management
  • They now have forms that I haven’t checked, yet.
  • Front end for reports

What is an APK license?

Thank you - do you use the report builder? Do you integrate this into Xojo applications?

Sorry ADK - spell checker changed it!

ADK is their license for the different languages - not server. That license is royalty free and for distribution.

I don’t use the report builder. It’s on my to do-list because the Valentina devs added support for html in one of their latest releases.

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It’s just extremely functional - the free offerings i’ve tried all do the same basic stuff - let u define a DB, view data, run queries. I really like how Studio shows automatically shows you related data (once you’ve defined links), can produce graphical representations (ok this is more for demo/info) and just a myriad small things that add up to a great user experience. I’ve used a number of free offerings before for SQL but for me this is a vastly better tool.

The only negative i could say about it is that the dark mode is a bit lacking - some of the text colour choices are a bit garish.

Anyway much of the functionality of Valentina Studio is free - you can just ‘order’ a free licence and download.

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I use their report builder extensively - it’s pretty much the only thing I use from them. The reporting capabilities are very powerful, though some of the more complicated things take a bit of trial and error to figure out (their documentation is a little sparse). But overall it’s on par with the likes of Crystal Reports back in the day, except it’s multi-platform.

Have been meaning to integrate their report server (not db server) into one project, as that will supposedly make some complicated, slow reports I have run much faster. Just never enough time to try it!

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Thanks - you integrate these reports into your Xojo applications?

Now I’m even more confused - is this in the bundle or not?

Yes, I integrate the reporting functions into the app (Valentina includes a Xojo plugin that handles this). You include the report definitions file as an external file in your build (Copy Files Step).

The Reports ADK are part of OmegaBundle, which give you a license to build/distribute unlimited reporting apps.

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It got extended till end of August 2020:

i have been using the Valentina Studio Pro a lot lately when i working on my project that need to connect to MS SQL Server.

Work really well and without problem. i was using the version from OmegaBundle 2018 and on the last day 31st July 2020, i decide to get new Omegabundle 2020.

I have not try the valentina server yet

There is a comparison chart to compare standard and pro of Valentina Studio, however I think you’ll find our free version compares well with many paid for products on the market.

Two big features in Studio Pro include the Report Designer (which you use to design reports for Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo, uploading to Valentina Report Server or just run within Studio Pro) and the new Form Editor. Pro has long had other features like SQLDIFF and diagramming as well.