OK, what's the right way to do this

I have a window that I want to hide. When I hide it, I first want to reset its state (in terms of what is happening in the window). When the user happens to want to do this, they just press one of two radio buttons (which form a set) in the window and Hey Presto. So when doing this Hide, I want to simulate this button press, which is a MouseDown on a Canvas. In particular, I want to do it from the Action event handler of another button, just before doing the Hide.

I’m making various attempts, such as:

RaiseEvent Self.manageButt.MouseDown (0, 0, 0)

manageButt is the set of two canvases. None of my attempts wants to compile, however, mostly I just get Syntax Error. What’s the way to do this?

do not attempt to simulate/raise a mouse or button action.
have the MouseDown method call antoher method that does what is necessary.
from where you wish to “simulate” that action… call that same method

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Yes, thanks Dave. I also found a few threads about that on the Xojo forum.