Oh boy, how easy are doc based apps in SwiftUI

For years, I’d been digging into Apple’s docs and figuring out how to build these in Xojo, I got close, real close, and when I discovered how to do callbacks in < 1ms I was going to go back and finish it.

Took me 20 minutes to read this tutorial & sample code, and convert my demo app. Holy frigging cow. Everything that I’d expect from this kind of app is just magically handled for me and best of fucking all. It’s Sandbox safe!

In 2015, Geoff and I had a chat about document based apps in Xojo. IIRC he said something like it would be really useful feature to have in Xojo because it makes it a heck lot quicker for newbies to create these kind of apps.


And Swift’s DocC goes well beyond simple // documentation


That’s not quite what I meant.

A document based app is where you worry about how to save and open the document and the macOS handles everything else for you, auto saving, version history, menu items, recent items, open & save dialogs, window restoration… etc etc

Text Edit is an example.

I know. :slightly_smiling_face: