Official Xojo survey: how likely are you to recommend Xojo?

Don’t pre judge. The GUI is a hot mess but it’s truly x platform and produces small fast executables.

It has 150,000+ users and as of January became a free product as it now has a large backer.

Try it for a few days and you’ll see why people love it. Also do a Google search for ABMaterial by alwaysbusy and see the reviews. It’s at

I’ll definitely check it out, but if it requires a Java runtime I’m out.

There are a few installers for it that bundle it all up I believe. I only use it for web apps with ABMaterial.

I just happen to really dislike Java as a desktop platform.
I’ve never run into a Java app that feels fully native or “right” - on just about any platform

But you wouldn’t recognize those that do as Java apps, would you? :wink:

I tend to poke around :slight_smile:

Have you used B4J recently Norman?

My quest has been much like Bob’s and I’ve really been looking for a tool set that works x-platform
There are team members that works on macOS, and some on Windows, and ultimately the app we write will run on macOS, Windows and probably linux.
So there’s an advantage to using a tool that works on all three as we’ll use it and see issues much more quickly than if we worked on on platform and then simply tested on the others