NSTableView and Context Menus (Arg!)

In Swift I have created a rather simple one column NSTableview (inside a NSScrollView)
I am attempting to attach a contextual menu, but cannot get it to react as desired.

If I right-click OUTSIDE of any populated row, the popup appears, and any selected row is deselected
If I right-click on a POPULATED row… it outlines it, and the popup appears (but the row is NOT Selected)

What I need is if I right click on a populated row (selected or not), that row becomes selected, and the popup appears
Also, right clicking outside the populated rows should NOT deselect anything

there is no DidDeselectRow event
there is no real “right click” methods either
just the ability to attach a single menu to the tableview… in a perfect world I’d like to have TWO (one for a row, and one for the empty area). There is a way to attach a menu to a table CELL, but I haven’t be able to get that to do anything :frowning:


well I got it “working”… had to re-engieer almost everything, and even then I’m not sure why it works now, but didn’t before… Since there wasn’t a specific “A-Ha!”… there is not “solution” to post …

I hate when they happens! I aways figure there is a bug lurking somewhere in my code waiting to bite!