Not sure what Rust is doing here

but it looks a bit weird, when even a company like ORACLE can simplify things …

Rusts is one of those typical “so long I just cant be bothered to read the entire thing” legal documents
And ambiguous & confusing in places
Without a lawyer reading it I’m not sure whats what

The OpenJDK one is a few paragraphs and clear
I can read it and have a pretty clear understanding of who owns what trademarks

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Well, the rust policy is still a draft, so you can give them feedback. I’m too tired and too old for it :slight_smile:

I like this one particularly (and the only one I can remember):

We will likely consider using the Marks as part of a domain name or subdomain an infringement of our Marks.

Bad news for those who want to dedicate a blog on a subdomain to their rusty car :slight_smile: .

The fact that even ORACLE is able to put it on a one pager should tell the rust community enough …

It is for them not from interest. You are dealing with the mozilla foundation what makes al stuffs more than complex.

Oracle NEVER puts anything legal on a one pager
That says volumes !

actually they did for openJDK’s trademark policy:

Granted, they included a link. But in all fairness even that page is comparably a one pager (at least in my browser :wink: )

At least this page is still easy to understand and at least you can’t excuse yourself as a user that you didn’t understand it.