No Xojo review …?

Miss Bob’s Xojo review … :cry:

… and btw, 2021 R1.1 is out …

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Did Bob even do a 2021r1 review ?

I suppose given that his role has changed from independent consultant to employee makes some difference

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No. His blog is unchanged since 12th Feb 2021. :frowning:

Latest post reflected a lot of disapointment so, maybe he just got tired of that

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I appreciate the good thoughts/comments. I just don’t have the drive to do the blog anymore. I don’t use Web 2.0. I barely use iOS. My employer and my few consulting clients don’t do anything in API 2 (yet).

In the long run I don’t think I have anything valuable to contribute to the community. I feel sad about that, but then I don’t - I was a cheerleader for the tool for many years and I feel let down, abandoned, and dismissed. 20 years of experience and energy for naught.


I feel you Bob. I had the same feelings when I stopped blogging about Xojo a couple of years ago. It just wasn’t worth spending more time on it any more as it is a lost cause…


Heh. I was babysitting a progress bar so I wrote a new blog post explaining why I’m not doing reviews any more. Whither My Reviews | BKeeney Briefs


so many seem to be in this boat


The end of an era, certainly.
Please keep the blog online (and links alive) and use it as a place to write about interesting things you like to write about.
You may add a category/tag for Go and maybe even compare some things.

I did that too for a couple of years. After that time, Xojo had made so many switches in the frameworks my examples and tutorials lost all relevance. It was then that for me it was abundantly clear, just like Bob describes, years of experience and energy was lost so I decided to do a cleanup after all.

I did a small reboot last year as Web 2.0 did interest me (WebApps are nowadays my main occupancy). I wanted to seriously test and review it but I quickly noticed Xojo took such fundamental weird design decisions (the slow event system to name one) we will not use it as it can not cope with the kind of WebApps we write and the number of users we have. So I stopped reviewing it also as I did not see the point to continue. Maybe in 2026 (Web 3.0), I can give it another go… :grin:

I had that last year when I was realizing that Xojo Web 2.0 has nothing to do with Xojo Web 1.0 and that all stuffs we used in our Apps where changed like Canvas Mouse Event with Mouse position, like WebSgmented Control, like the renaming of commands and valueholders, like the Styled which are completely out of the framework.

So I decided to rewrite the Apps while it was needed anyhow. Writing the Software new with Xojo would mean that I will have to rewrite in 5 years again and again and so on. That was my way of deciding that XoJo has no future in my development plans at all. So we changed to Java and Vaadin/Cuba platform/Jmix and for all Stuffs where I need control where Code is running I was changing to plain Java Swing with Webswing. There is no other way to future Software uses.

Reading all this makes me feel so sad.


It is not making me sad. It gives security that it is like it is and that I can not change anything on it. I am tyred from finding workarounds, from programming against ignorance of a company, from working with a tool which makes everything in the end more complex. Why I was starting with Xojo? While there was a really good looking and in proof of concept really good working Test which showed me that it is a tool driven by nice Ideas. Reading their forum was not informing about all the issues, I had to learn later why (cause they ban people when they start writing the trues). I had to learn that I can not be a part of that communiy which is driven by gouverning in a really undemocratical way. So, for me it is really good to realize that I have to rewrite all I have written with XoJo and it is really good that I have now the right way: rewriting all the Xojo Apps and running them with Java on all platforms.

If there would not this way of learning I would still use XoJo and I would not say anything against the need of finding Workarounds while tons of functionalities not working. I would further work with it, buy it, feed it and tell my customers the same: buy it, feed it, work with it.

While this is ended and I switched to Java I became free from Workarounds, from changes every few weeks, from Memory leeks which are never corrected (XoJo Web 2019) and from Ideas of one Leader which is not aware of the way I am developing Software like Millions of Java Developers doing also. So I am free from “How can I get around that” and I am in a comfortable situation (how I will do it) while there are tons of Java Ways to do the same in different ways.

It was costing me nerves to come to this point and it was pressing me while I was there in front of all customers which had the same situation. Nice part was: they where not even complaining cause nobody could know. So many of them are now with B4x, many with IntelliJIdea, Gluon Mobile and Cuba-Platform. That is the end of the XoJo Story for all of us except non professional projects. While I wrote a few applications which are not for professional use but for NGO I have still to do with it. Unitl it will press me to rewrite them in Java. But then I will make them GPL licensed so that everybody can change while nobody has to buy a software for it.

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What about a BANano for Xojo ? :thinking:

Not possible

No chance. I do not have the time to invest doing that, especially in Xojos unstable condition (both language and bug wise). Lost already to much time before on writing frameworks for it, only to realize I wasted my time because Xojo decided to make some stupid naming changes. Absolutely not a thing you want in a Transpiler!

A transpiler like BANano is to complex to maintain with an unreliable source core/language definition. Plus what Thorsten says, not even sure Xojo has the capabilities to cover everything needed for something like BANano. The B4X/Java Language Definition is stable and perfect for it, so that is its target.