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Wait… Does that mean that Microsoft isn’t abandoning the Mac, like that whole Xojo marketing exercise, you know why its better to choose Xojo over Microsoft tools.


Anyone tried it and want to give the “too busy right now” folks a hot take or review?

MS discontinued one IDE
Not the entire support for the Mac

But Xojo conflated “Visual Studio for Mac” with “.Net for Mac” (C# runtimes etc)

So yeah they spread FUD making it seem like MS was abandoning the Mac entirely when it was just removing ONE of their 2 IDES (VS + VS Code)
And there are at least 2 other non-MS supported IDE’s for .Net on the Mac
IntelliJ Rider


I don’t think so. MS provided (new) NET 8 repositories on GitHub for working on Mac, according to the article.

P.S. I fixed the link to the article in the OP.