New Xojo forum

well the platform is really hard work for me when there are so many posts, most definitely not a fan of discourse at all.

but what I really found interesting was how much effort they have put in from the every start, and its only been a couple of days, to exclude totally any way to include the word ‘innplace’

I put it in a reference to using the forum with the same backend, discourse.
and guess what, I was disallowed from posting as my text included the word ‘innplace’
its banned and I find that a feckin disgrace.

if you split the phrase up it posts, I put a link which was split up and it posted, so the check currently includes only the word ‘innplace’.

no doubt it will get me a ban, but really who on earth is so paranoid that they go out of their way and discuss at a high level of the company to disallow ‘innplace’, absolute feckin tossers.

so as I was writing this I got a message from Dana, which I quote:-

Hi Mark,

I wanted to let you know that I removed your posts linking to the other forum as we do not want to direct traffic to that forum. It has been our goal for many years to unite the Xojo community in one place, one spot where our users can find solutions to their problems, driving them to another community is not supportive of that goal. In addition, a number of users have complained about content and misleading information posted on that forum that we decided we do not want to direct traffic there.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

ok, misleading information on this forum??? really, some users have complained about this misleading information.

wow, I feel mislead.
someone promised usable android, PDF, workers, iOS, stable code, a feckin release version of the code this feckin year.

yup dana, there is a load of misleading info here that you can refer to, or its just opinions that are based upon truth.

wow, Dana is like lighting, she was on my post in minutes, sent me a PM also, condescending is the best way I can say it.

sadly there was one point, at the very end of my reply that had the ‘fuck’ word in it, and to my astonishment, even the personal message system nannied it out, to a new thing ‘----’ but the ‘-’ signs were very fat, I don’t have a character to show it.

this is my reply to her post, the post above quite angered me I have to say, I hope my reply is not too harsh but just heartfelt.

Thanks Dana,

that’s most useful, I have no doubt this will enable the company to move forward with their philosophy unhindered and continue to reduce the user base even more.

the ‘other’ community has nothing but well wishing for the product, as far as I know, I certainly want it to succeed, but my simple little tiny insignificant brain can not understand why the person driving the bus seems to be like mister magoo without the glasses.

I know I do not matter to the bottom line, but really, how can any interested customer offer criticism that may be justified without being ignored or banned.

the product is not ‘ours’, we have no control over its development.
but we use it and have a reasonable idea as to what may be a sensible approach to its potential updates.

the ‘other place’ has not become active due to anything positive from Xojo, it seems to be (and this is my personal observation, I have nothing to do with the forum management) that it occurred entirely due to Xojo policy to restrict and micro manage users opinions that do not align with the Xojo (and by that I mean Geoff) top brass, top tin maybe?

So to answer your question as to why you removed my post, Dana.
(a) who are the users complaining about misleading information.
(b) what content did they complain about, and in what way was it misleading?
© which posts in the other forum do they refer?

I do not believe you about user complaints, there are no complainants, its just management speak, you guys read the other forum, and that’s great, its obviously important enough to the company to do so.

No one is ‘driving’ anyone to any other community, there is an opportunity for users to experience both communities, its not an ‘either or’ function, we are all real people and there is no place for a singularity.

I have re-read your message several times.
there is lots to take from it.
but this line saddens me:-
“It has been our goal for many years to unite the Xojo community in one place”

clearly that goal has failed, the Xojo community is no longer in ‘one place’

ignoring the other community will likely diminish both communities.

the ‘other’ place is not going away, its not going to get smaller.

I am perfectly open, i will be posting this on the other forum, and any other correspondence.

any road up, who gives a fuck what I think, I am just some nobody with an opinion, and you guys are going to ignore what I say, or maybe not.

yeah probably me posting about how things are / were inside Xojo :stuck_out_tongue:


Here we CAN talk about what we dislike without getting banned
We CAN talk about Swift or RAD Studio or Filemaker or VB or whatever other tools we want
Those were the two primary reasons for its creation

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lol, Quite polite actually, nothing that is not true

ROFL, as a sales speech i get it, but it is troubling if this is what they really think they are doing. :thinking:

Well, years of code now useles with API2 and all of the search engines links broken… Yup, thats actually what misleading information they should worry about.


what a mess… looks like they didn’t bother to alter the old postings to support the new markup requirements… So [quote] [code] etc now show as if they were supposed to be part of the readable text… and things that Markup THINKS should be affected, are, even if there were originally protected text… makes some things look really wrong

it took a while but poor old Dana had to send me this:-

You have been suspended from the forum until August 28, 2020, 5:00am.

Violated Forum Rules

As a result of violating our forum rules regarding personal attacks posted here - - your account has been suspended for 30 days.

what is interesting is that its a ‘noreply’ address, but with Dana’s signature.

they really do not want any one to know about this forum, wow, how scared can someone be about people having information.
My hope is almost gone for their little project, its going to be sad to see it die.

but on the plus side, B4X, its almost acceptable to use it on the iMac with VMware and unity turned on, its actually superb for android (if you have to use that) and iOS, maybe there is light at the end of yonder tunnel.

At least your suspention ends in the same century :rofl:

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I wouldn’t be so sure … my suspension was supposed to end a long time ago but suddenly got pumped up to a thousand years … :scream:

and they retain such luminaries as

Z_Z and his famous cousin Z_Z1

and of couse xo_jo :slight_smile:

there are 100+ with a name starting with 111

These are ALL real user names on Xojos forms

Oh and the now cleverly named moderator1, moderator2, and moderator3
all created in the last 24 hours :slight_smile:

Sorry but I think you should be banned. You are being negative for the sake of being negative. Who are you trying to impress with your negativity - your peers here?

Seriously grow up.

Seriously? Ever heard the one about stones and glass houses?

In the other forum G.P. for example says he demands real names because that makes people behave more civil and respectful, but then he simply closes threads because he does not like the opinions articulated there. This behaviour is not civil and respectful but very insulting. It is treating adults like little kids.
Silencing people by deleting their posts, closing threads they participate in, banning them from the forum makes them frustrated. Often they will let their frustration out somewhere else (for example here).

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the irony

theres a balance
some see the sunny side of everything and overlook shortcomings no matter what
some are negative regardless of things done well and never see things as well done

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Thanks DaveK for your input!

be thankful you are allowed to say almost anything and express any sentiment you wish, in this forum.

maybe the point that I was trying to make has been lost upon you.

I have no one to impress, I care very little for the opinions of someone with whom I have not knowingly had previous contact or exchange of views (I do not know your handle).

but I personally feel that an opinion expressed, that I think will generate a ‘discourse’, whether that makes me seem to you as a negative or unfriendly person, is not an issue to me.

I certainly apologise if you really take offence to the comments, that is your choice, but my comments are just as valid as any you may have, and with that in mind I would like to say to you that I would not make a comment such as yours, which could be misconstrued as a personal attack, to quote the reasons the Xojo forum banned me.

would you accept that your comment ‘Sorry but I think you should be banned’ might be construed as such, would you be annoyed to be banned for such a comment? how much time have you put into looking at what my arguments may actually elude to.

rhetorical questions to make a point.

You are welcome to make any comment directly to me, but please understand there is a very long history of involvement with the Xojo product, its promises and random jumps of direction, many users here have an extremely long and personal commitment to this potentially wonderful product.

there are many users here and, using the official forum, who do not express opinions regarding their frustrations, that is possible here and. an understanding by the Xojo management of such potential concerns by the user base should be heard and be open to some form of discussion in a frank manner where everyone is an adult.

Please take the time to review the recent years of posts and user input and concerns, that may lead you to a different insult, but probably not the one levelled just now.



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What about organizing a RDC in June 2021 ?

RDC: RAD Developer Conference.
A conference for all three categories of developers:
a. Newbies
b. Knowledgeable persons,
c. Power Users.

Something that ups each category people near to the next level of developing applications…

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Privacy laws are only applicable in Europe?

Europe has some very strict ones when compared to the USA and Canada

I thought that because web pages can be viewed anywhere, all pages have to confirm to European standards. Isn’t that why every. freaking. site. on the 'net now constantly annoys me with the “is it ok to save cookies” pop-up?

There seems to be some “gray” area in regards to who outside of Europe needs to conform to GDPR standards. Some indicate that the entire world does, some say only those in Europe do. Some have indicated that US does because of a treaty, but I haven’t been able to find anything official in that regard… And without some time of official treaty/agreement, the EU cannot just decree GDPR is International law.

However, IF it is, then Xojo is in violation… but if its not, then they are free to do as they please, and any user agrees with those terms of service

EU-USA GDPR - Privacy Shield agreement is the only thing I know of that might come into play

This made it possible for companies to transfer data TO US companies (as far as I understand) but this portion was struck down by an EU court (

There are lots of articles about this


And, from the US Commerce Department

While joining the Privacy Shield is voluntary, once an eligible organization makes the public commitment to comply with the Framework’s requirements, the commitment will become enforceable under U.S. law. All organizations interested in self-certifying to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework or Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework should review the requirements in their entirety.