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But that wasn’t you though, right? So did anyone who was “suspended” actually lose access before that caveat was introduced? Who was the first to be “suspended”, was it you or Dave, its all a blur now. If it was Dave, then that doesn’t matter because as far as I know he got a refund.

Yeah I didn’t want to correct him because you know someone would probably get their shirt up and moan that they understood what he meant so why didn’t I. I just used the terminology he used so not to confuse matters.

I’m not picking a fight, I’m just finding out facts. As far as I’m concerned, Markus was the first one to take a pop at me, then you started to get all analytical with dates and stuff, saying that things had changed after you had a licence, eventually I found out that you didn’t have a licence, it belonged to someone and you were just using it? Then you claimed that you were banned out of the blue for no apparent reason which I found out wasn’t the case. Please do let me know if I get any of this wrong. There’s probably more stuff that I’ve missed but I’ve got other stuff to do so I’ll check back later to see how things are going in here.

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Correct I was NOT the person who this affected in that way

Not quite 100% true and not quite 100% false
I use a license assigned to me by a client
The difference is they paid for the license and assigned it to me
The end result is that I am the designated user of that license

I do NOT have a license I paid for
That would be the correct way to say it - and accurate

My suspension affects ME and my ability to access the betas using my login ID
But not my client

Really ? love to know what the reason was since it was never cited to me beyond “negative influence in the community” in the email telling me I was suspended
No post cited despite me asking to please let me know why I had been suspended
To this day I could not tell you what it was that I said or did on THEIR forums that resulted in that ban
However, I CAN say that I received emails from Geoff about other matters citing my communications with other people NOT on Xojo forums
I cant prove that they are / were the reason I was banned
But I can tell you precisely which forum guideline they added regarding the subject Geoff mentioned in the emails

A bunch but when you try to distill it down to 10 or so sentences thats going to happen

No, when I was suspended, I was suspended… no refund, no nothing.
I never had used any of the “other services” including feedback, so I didn’t really care
That was in late 2019 if I rrecall… so nearly 3 years, and I moved on with tools that are (my opinion) 1000x better than Xojo… not to mention FREE

Maybe it’s the bottle of wine, but I cannot parse all of those pronouns into a coherent point. Just fyi.

good for you
but here you are, 3 years later reading and posting about xojo forum
get a life ?
and post about your so x100000 great free tool. if it is so great why bother posting about xojo anyway ?

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  • Apple, Microsoft, Xojo inc are not democraties

  • USA is the least civilized country of the western world

  • i didn’t read all the thread, i was not using xojo in 2019, i recall you as a valuable member of xojo, so i don’t understand, you were permantly ban for whining in tof ?
    anyway you surely don’t deserve to be permantly banned

french people like to protest, we have almost a protest in paris everyday. in germany all workers are uniionized and it’s going fine, one of the greatest economy of the world.

so we should make a petition to get you unban from TOF :slight_smile:

So all this BS thread for a post that wasn’t deleted ??

you vote Trump?, you like fake news and useless controversy just to opose common sense?

Dave didn’t get involved the whole time and only politely answered a question addressed to him, right?

Also, it could be that Dave is working on something that keeps him busy with Xojo, even if he doesn’t use the product per se anymore.

And since he got kicked out of TOF, there aren’t many options left, apart from the fact that everything can be discussed on INN.

Apple and Microsoft have to abide by the law (as well by international laws if they operate in those markets) as any company has to. Admittedly even large cooperations have to be reminded of this fact often enough.

Little smacks fly under the radars for far too long, but that doesn’t make their behaviors legal nor is it good ethical business practice. The same laws apply to everyone, but as there is no plaintiff, there is no judge.


This disrespectful post shows me that it was a waste of time to reply to your other comments. Pity.

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this was a reply to the first post of this thread, to Hal, not dave

this forum reply/feed is confusing

plus i like controversy sometimes too, but not the same way :slight_smile:

just to remind you that apple, microsoft, google, amazon ALL have problems with the law in europe, have complaint from european comission for many years. isn’t google has been fined some months for 1billion $v for i don’t remember what ?

as well by international laws if they operate in those markets

there is no such things, only OMC laws, pretty weak.
otherwise it is just a warzone - always has been -