New programming language - Bend!

We are still debating on which language is appropriate and which should be used there is new language called Bend.

it is based on Rust but has syntax similar to Python!!

This video is an instant turnoff.


Well the video is apparently a script read by an AI narrator (and a little too rapidly), but I just went to the relevant github page and it IS an intriguing concept. I’m a big believer in low cognitive load, and if they can really get this right without requiring any special work on the dev’s part, I’m all for it.

That’s a fairly big “if” but it looks like a nice start. At present, single-core performance is awful – that will need to be fixed but they expect to be able to.

Geezus I hope they dropped the entire “spaces are syntactically important” thing
Indentation shouldn’t be a grammar element


I quite like that python uses whitespace as it does. For me, it reads much easier than brackets.

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Agreed. I stopped 30 seconds in just based on the choice of graphics. I feel like my 7 year old grandson chose the graphics.

USING white space is fine

Making it a syntax element is, IMO, worse than Cobol & trying to figure out where to put the freaking periods

Whoops reformatted ALL the code and now nothing works ?



Tabs? Wow, that’s a blast from the ( very distant ) past. Four spaces is the standard and has been since Jesus was a lad.

its just … ick

I suppose IF you use an IDE that indents in a standard way then great
When I did write some python that was the biggest source of issues
Just chasing the indent level change the behaviour


probably why I dont write much python :slight_smile:

I’ve never encountered an IDE that doesn’t deliver 4 spaces when I press the Tab key in a *.py file.

If you don’t follow the syntax you don’t get the expected result shocker.


Last I wrote any python was when I still worked at Xojo and I just used BBEdit (which is configurable)
My default t WASNT 4 spaces so … ick !

spaces and tabs shouldnt be syntax :slight_smile:
its just so odd from pretty much everything else I’ve encountered it was surprising they were

round and round we go

I’m far from alone is disliking this somewhat peculiar choice

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4 spaces has been the standard for > 20 years ( as detailed in PEP 8 ). It seems BBEdit is another proprietary product that’s backward compared to the free, open source alternatives.

It’s not peculiar anymore, numerous languages have followed Python’s lead including the one being discussed in the video above. I’m not alone in preferring it either, if you’ve indented your code properly ( as you should ) then curly braces are superfluous.

Just not in the target age range?

BBEdit is just my Swiss army knife for editing just about anything - esp code

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Nim has language similar to Python as well. Might want to give it a gander too.