New IDE; Fleet from Jetbrains

Just heard about Fleet from JetBrains.

Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, TypeScript, Go, Kotlin, Rust, C++, JSON & HTML.

This guy here is using it for SwiftUI!

This concept is weird to me, are not all development languages tied exclusively to their respective IDEs :laughing:

interesting !

There are several editors that leverage the Language Server Protocol
And this can come in two forms

  1. a static file like you can easily add to BBEdit for Xojo code :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. a helper app that can do way more active code analysis & helping

And that lets certain tools chains (like VSCode) adapt to many languages
I do NOT know if IntelliJ also uses this protocol or not

But its certainly possible they have a similar configuration that lets them easily handle different languages in a similar fashion


It sounds rather sexy and all but I’m not seeing a clear value proposition relative to, say, Rider, Visual Studio or VS Code put forth. I mean the ability to run parts of the IDE remotely smells to me like doing something because one can, rather than because one should. Also I think it implies more of a revenue stream from cloud services for the vendor. I already pay an annual licensing fee for their IDEs and it seems like they want to sell me VMs now too.

The only part of this that really piques my interest is the potential for training and mentoring with shared dev sessions. But they are going to have to figure out their pricing and produce some side by side comparisons with popular IDEs (including their own) to illustrate the itches they are trying to scratch. It’s not clear to me as-is.

looks like my GNOME Builder :wink:

GNOME builder … not familiar but took a look and it hasn’t had a new release in 4 years.


Wow, someone seriously needs to update the Wikipidea article I guess. That came up as the top result for some reason, I see from their site they are further along. Sorry, I’m moving too fast today …