New Forum section

The official Xojo forum has a new section for talking about Bugs and Feature Requests.

I’ll post there a few older things and see if it helps to get something moved.
Again I will volunteer to help.


I think they could have just directed folks to the Tester section. I realize not everyone is a Tester but most of the loudest and persistent rants were Testers. And you could always just add them. If Thorsten can become a tester then anyone can.

Relatedly, I’ve always been disappointed that the Tester section is so quiet. I figured it would be populated with folks that had skin in the game and would generate more discussions. It’s crickets most days.

Testers is really for things that are in a prerelease / beta stage before they go out to the world

Yeah, i just imagined more discussions about it. Instead it really is just stoic comments about the current build. I guess it’s what everyone wants. I’m obviously the outlier.

It probably should be renamed “beta” or “pre-release” to better indicate the purpose

I’m guessing you forgot the “tongue-in-cheek” emoji (is there one?), since it was called the “pre-release” channel and they decided “testers” was supposedly a better name just a couple months ago.

oh true they did just rename it to this didnt they ?

Yes. Because there are only prereleases, no Alphas and Betas anymore.
What made it possible to publish an Alpha this year …

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can someone download feedback into that new section, I am sure that will have the correct effect on changing tack…

yeah you saw Dana’s reply to Christian posting links to his bug reports ?
I’d find the post but it was along the lines of “this isnt a place to just repost your bug reports” or something

EDIT : reading something else and there it was

I have not seen anything on the Xojo forum, I stopped going there the day I was banned, seems like its getting worse.

“Here is a place to report bugs and feature requests, but none that happened before 20r1”

yup nothing existed before 20r1 so its not important.