New DateTimePicker at Xojo2020r2, Half Baked?

There is a post in the other forum where a user is complaining about the new control not being the correct size in windows.

As usual, instead of requesting more info, xojo went straight to the denial of the problem, either way, as my answer could be flagged by “the community” there, I will leave a copy in here

In this image, I just edit the properties of the control at run time, so IT IS PERFECTLY POSIBLE to have a decent looking native control.

I know, Xojo don’t like new features to be called half baked but:

  • Default size not the same as the other controls in the IDE
  • Resizing the Xojo control don’t resize the native one
  • That double border really looks Awfull
  • The representation on the IDE don’t reflect the options selected on the inspector
  • And the most important function SelectedDate is not even working, it returns Nil on windows

This list is just with a superficial 2 minutes review, maybe there are many other problems :man_facepalming:t2:

Another consequence of kicking out a lot of users from the beta tester program?

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