New categories

There are new categories for posts to go in regarding specific languages
Java, Swift, C#, Python, PHP, and Xojo all have entries

ummm. they don’t show up in the drop down menu

Screenshot 2023-07-16 at 12.46.43 PM

They are “sub categories” of General
So you have to pick the General category first

I did it this way rather than make whole new top level categories named Java, Swift, Xojo, C# along side General programming etc

Please add PHP. :slight_smile:


personally I think by “hiding” them in that sub-cat menu, nobody will pay attention to them… Heck I didn’t even know that menu existed until you mentioned it.

and Python please!


TBH this may be the reason I promote them to their own top level categories

Promoted each to their own top level category so they arent buried inside others


Please add FileMaker - no no don’t! It’s a joke! :crazy_face:


Added 4D, Cobol, Fortran, and Simula just for fun !

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Thank you very much @npalardy, for having implemented my feature request so fast and all the work involved!

At least now it has been proven that the delayed implementation of features is not the fault of Xojo employees, whether current or former :slight_smile:

Hopefully it can help people looking for specific things relating to specific languages

I haven’t added categories for languages that have only been mentioned a handful of times like Go, Rust, Flutter & Dart etc

Should they end up in conversations more frequently then its easy enough to add those


Once V3 of The Wails Project (desktop for Go) is released I’ll probably start working with it a bit more. So maybe I’ll ask for it then. Until then it doesn’t much matter.

is there any way for these language specific categories to be listed all together in alphabetical order?

See what you started? :smiley:

Not that I can find no