New Apple low, you can lose your developer account for publicly criticizing Apple

Gotta agree… Apple vs Epic is now just a juvinile p*ssing contest, And while Epic isn’t “right”, Apple is wrong


This is a great example why gatekeepers are bad. FileMaker got greedy. Xojo bugs are out of control. Apple Tax.

I wish I moved to PHP long ago…


…and Apple has walked it back.


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The EU stated that they will decide for a 4 billion dollar fine. That’s even for apple much money

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I think Apple’s restrictive IPhone access policies suck, but Apple is a private company and if you buy into their ecosystem you take the good with the bad and bitch till maybe they listen. The EU, however, is a faceless collectivist foreign parasite and its DMA has far reaching implications that can negatively impact an Ohanaware software just as well as a greedy megamonopoly like Tim Cook’s outfit. If the EU seems to be coming down on the side of the consumer, it is to put an egalitarian face on yet another piece of high-handed legislation whose full effects will be felt only after our somnambulent lawmakers completely cede their authority to globalist bureaucrats who care a lot less about the pitiful American consumer than even Tim Cook does.

Sorry but eu is not a parasite but a Gouvernements of all Euro states and apple has to deal with it or leave the market. This kind of arrogant meaning kann kill even apple and the DMA is a good regulation. Even not far enough if you ask me.


My guess is someone explained it to Cook in a way he understands.

“Tim, we’re in the wrong here”
“Don’t care”
“The EU will find us guilty and will charge us 10% of our EU generated profit”
“Don’t care, tell the Mac team to cut more costs, do even less QA or something.”
“If the EU fines us, it will tank our share price even further.”
“Are you sure, I thought everyone loved us.”
“No, Tim we’re seen as the bad guys now, and every move we make to punish our customers and developers, will hurt the share price.”
“Damn those customers, Damn those dumb-ass developers even more.”
“If the share price continues to go down, it’s going to reduce your multi-million share based performance bonuses”
“I can’t have that now, can I? Order an immediate retraction, and fire a team or cut something else to get a profit boost”.

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There was a time when the average American was more suspicious of European aristocracy, but I realize that times have changed. In the end, the citizenry gets the government they deserve.

I don’t know whether you’re familiar with the Wendy’s burger chain, but over here at least, there was a brouhaha over their announcement of flexible “surge” pricing, to gouge those coming in at peak times. I just read that they too backed off–as if surprised by the blowback.


I’ve heard of Wendy’s, but I’ve never had one when I visited the US and I don’t recall seeing them anywhere else I’ve been.

I guess that’s the same as when Uber raised the prices during busy periods.

Its crazy to think that if you try to screw your customers, they end up hating you for it… Who’d a thought?


You are right, but we have to do this to fight the trolls :upside_down_face:


Lemme explain it as I understand it.
I’ve sold Mac apps since '94. One my own site, where I cover hosting and pay transactional fees. I’ve also sold software via the Mac App Store and I didn’t mind the 30% cut*. I pay Apple annually (it used to cost $500 a year, and I’d get discounts on hardware and free clothing). I also buy Apple hardware to use to develop and test on.

  • I can buy Mac apps from MAS, rent from SetApp or direct from the developer.
  • On my Android phone, I can get apps from Google, Amazon, a Taiwanese supplied or via my Netflix subscription.
  • I can get TV apps from Google, the cable company and some games via my Netflix subscription (maybe even Amazon, I’ve not looked).
  • With Windows, there’s no restriction on where to get apps.
  • Yet my wife can only get apps that Apple want’s her to buy.

*For the first few years of MAS, Apple had organic discovery, this gave every single developer an equal opportunity for new customers to see their wares. As Apple tuned the App Store to improve Apple’s profit, organic discovery was replaced with “Curation”. Now customers see what Apple wants them to buy.

The Mac App Store is where 54% of Mac users go to get apps, yet of the dozen developers I’ve spoken with (who sell on both), most make 6x more profit outside MAS. In the final days of selling apps on both for me, MAS only contributed to 10% of my income.

Apple relies on developers to promote their wares on MAS, this turned out to be brand damaging for indie devs, and many have stopped doing so.

I am 100% confident that Apple knows MAS is not as successful as it could be and I think that’s why they’re fighting so hard to prevent any meaningful competition on iOS. The sad thing is MAS could easily be so much better, but Apple have shown, they’d rather fight than invest in the future.

Which indicates to me, that Apple might be in worse managerial place that we can see.

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roughly 4 days revenue if Q3/Q4 2023 results are to be relied on

Do you live in Europe?

If you mess up further it becomes automatically more by multiply with the factor 2 when not reacting. I am quite sure that DMA is pressing apple to the place Europe wants them.

We actually live in the 21st century and the EU is a democratic government body that represents the people of its member countries. No aristocracy involved or required.

We see a lot of Russian trolling in forums these days, trying to undermine our democratic institutions.


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Really? Choosing between Biden & Trump is what the USA deserves?
Biden might just be the only person Trump could beat.