New alternative for web app RAD (in Visual Studio Code)

There’s a new kid in town:

TMS Web Core for VS Code

It uses Object Pascal as language, which is easy to learn, just like Xojo ist. But it also uses Visual Studio Code. They got it managed to develop a superb set of plugins for VSC to integrate a visual drag and drop designer.

The frontend compiles to javascript, html and css and the application brings it own webserver. Also just like Xojo does.

I haven’t had my hands on it, but I will for sure. But I read some user feedback and article on the web, it seems to be very stable and easy to use.

Maybe worth a try.

looks interesting as heck

It’s exciting that so many IDEs are coming to fruition! They will eat Xojo alive. :slight_smile:

where did you find that it has its own webserver?

This is the up to date product page for it. cant see anything about stand alone there.

Dunno, was written in an article I suppose, but I can be wrong.

Currently I hadn’t had my fingers at it, so I am not really sure how it works. But I assume that it works similar to Xojo, since this makes the most sense, doesn’t it?

my impression is that it generates html and javascript that you can host on any webserver, but I’m not sure

Allright. Here’s more info.

It doesn’t produce a server application, like Xojo does. It compiles to CSS, HTML and pure Javascript and is meant as frontend framework.

The connection to an backend works over socket-like objects (I think it uses the .fetch-API). The Backend has to provide an Restful API. With this it is more similiar to regular webdevelopment, where your frontend is separated from the backend. Which is in my opinion su much superior to the approach Xojo is using. But it also makes bit more complex.

As every regular webapp is.

The cool thing is, that you can also develop your server and you API in Pascal (or in PHP, Python, Node.JS) in VSCode right next to the frontend. So it feels like you work on one actual project, like in the other RAD-Tools.

I haven’t seen such a vast frontend tool yet, where you doesn’t use Javascript.

But since you develop the server separately, the only advantage is the RAD/Drag’nDrop approach, compared to other frontend frameworks, like React, Angular or Svelte, which I would still prefer.

It’s interesting that they use vscode. I had no idea it was programmable like that.

VSCode is vastly customizable.

We for instance wrote a plugin which produced Xojo Console Apps. There you can write pure Xojo and it creates the project files for you.

Only the compiler of Xojo is not integrateable, but could be, if Xojo opens it.

But VSCode can nowadays handle most open source languages, compilers, debuggers and toolchains. Its stunning.

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If there’s a vscode plugin form builder for pythons tkinter then together with Nuitka I’d have a good slice of what I need for the desktop in python

TBH I believe this is so low priority for them I doubt we’ll ever see one

Esp since making a cmd line compiler really reduces people’s dependency on their IDE

No problem at all. The CLI just comes WITH the IDE. It only works after install and proper license activation. It does not diminish their sales, the opposed, it just adds convenience.

What @npalardy meant was, Xojo knows best, and they know that people dont want to use another IDE. :upside_down_face:

For cuting edge technology and Tech Trends For Programmers xojo now uses Var :crazy_face:

But on topic, looks like an interesting option, but in the page says that the vscode support is limited, this is intended to be used in embarcadero delphy or lazarus, :confused:

I suspect theyd move the licensing into the CLI as well(maybe it would be in both?)
Otherwise the CLI could spread unlicensed

Lets just say I dont believe this IS ANY sort of priority for them

I also think, this not going to happen, unfortunately.

But it wouldn’t be huge task for them. Would still be nice feature though.

TBH this is a VERY large task
I looked into it

Reminds me of Elevate Web Builder

The current way the language is handled make it impossible to be a free style coding system. The language need to evolve very much to a point that all those cryptic #tag things die and more keywords and few annotations are introduced. “Imports” should be introduced too to make it a more modular free style code system, etc. not just the current “modules”. To make this thing work as it should be for a great CLI experience AND still being correctly loaded and presented in the IDE in a tree view as today (but showing inconsistencies needing fixes) will be really a huge task.

The language isnt the impediment to having a command line compiler in any way

And they showed that they are able to do software evolution from msgbox to messagebox to msgbox. They are innovative!