mySQL & MariaDB

Because of things like Wordpress, I end up using mySQL, even though I’m aware there’s better DBs out there…

My question is, are there advantages to moving to MariaDB (the only other db compatible with WP)?
Does MariaDB have an equivalent to phpMyAdmin?

I’m also looking for some advice on how to use mySQL/MariaDB on a VPS with limited memory. I can’t seem to find any clear answers on how to stop mySQL from crashing the VPS by using up all of the memory. It doesn’t seem to play nice if it doesn’t have lots of memory!

Maria is a fork of mysql
has the same dual license issues
and you can use mysql tools with maria and vice versa

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Nice. Thanks!

personally I’ve used DBeaver
Its java based & connects to database I’ve never even heard of

Instead of phpMySql?

It connects to a TON of stuff and its free
its pretty robust

for more than a decade I am using Navicat as my universal cross-platform swiss-army-knife connecting via VPN or tunneled SSH to my webserver databases. I strongly suggest not to use web-driven tools like phpmyadmin or similiar tools for your msision-critical webs…