MS Access anyone?

I have a client that is looking for an MS Access developer
If you’re interested in more details let me know

My main projects until now has been the conversion of ms-access, 4th dimension, or filemaker databases ( and frontend) into multi-windows multi platform postgres or sqlite frontends.
if your client is willing to make a jump ?

I’ve done my time with Access development for reporting for 20 years. Using Access for actual users and front end development is super sucky.

Not if they have to give up the adhoc query building capabilities of Access

We discussed moving to Xojo or something similar
And the ability to drag out fields from a DB diagram and get a correct query is absolutely vital
Rebuilding that query builder in another tool would have to occur

And then the question is WHY pay to rebuild what already exists ?

The question is simple: they need a passionate MS Access developer, no matter what we think about MS Access as a tool.
And remember, once MS Access / VBA was huge.

To me that looks like an opportunity for xojo (or an add on developer). I realize making it DB agnostic makes it even more difficult… I started trying to create a crude control for some of that type of capability last year but never had the time to get it done just for SQLite

Oh possibly just they arent willing to fund development of such a thing

Trust me it wasnt a simple discussion to come to the conclusion that Access was the right tool for their needs in this case
We’ve spent a long time debating it and the visual query builder IS the deal breaker

I have use Ms-Access from 1992 to 2005…I use to have a Ms-Access website…
and that is how my hubby Richard (London) found me (Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia)… on my website look for help.

I’m working for a company now and my main job is the development and maintenance of a MS Access application. :wink:

Well, I know some transnational banks with core systems made in Access/Excel :upside_down_face:

Not sure if this helps or not:


That is somewhat similar to a Control I started to build for Xojo Desktop Apps about a year ago and then abandoned…

Making it hierarchical like that is not something I had thought of!

(BTW being Mac person I have never used Access so I don’t know that that even looks like)


Very VB ish

ah not really what they have in mind
more like

just it should be integrated right into their app

and HOLY MOLY this might actually be the tool !
It has an activeX version which could be used in a Xojo app

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I had built that into a custom (1.0) web control. Really like it.

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I’d assume that you’d quickly be able to determine if it works with Xojo that correct @npalardy (I mean the import into Xojo thing and assessing if the typelib info etc was read and corresponding Xojo equivalents created) ?

If SQL Server is an option - doesn’t SQL Server Reporting Services have a report builder for users to build their own stuff? Would that suit better than Access, though I get why a company would want to payy for something they already have!

A good idea to encourage every single to set up a MS Access website. :slight_smile: It led to a perfect match as we can see.

LOL!!! maybe I am just lucky!!

They’d like tit it to all be built into one app