Moving a project from 2012r2.1 to Xojo?

I have a rather large Windows/Mac project that I wrote about 12 years ago using version 2012R2.1. It’s been plodding along and is still in use by a fair number of customers. Some of those people use Macs and can no longer run it and really want it updated.

It looks like in the past 9 years they did verify and fix some of the bugs I reported and found workarounds for. Even the serial port hanging on Windows was fix. The sad part is that the majority are either archived or just closed.

Is the latest version of Xojo any less buggy than the last releases of RB/RS?

I would recommend to read feedback to get if your needed functionality is working proper. Without knowledge about the project nobody will be able to say anything about.

Does it still have known bugs ? Yes

Have the ones that affect you been fixed ? No idea without actually updating it and retesting everything. (Unfirtunately) as some old ones will have been and new ones may have cropped up

That said Its certainly possible to take a copy of you project (dont touch the original) and see how it fares even in a freely usable copy
You can download the latest & try the process to see how much work it will be - and even save as a binary project - to try moving your project to a new version

And IF you have questions dont hesitate to ask
Folks here can/will help as best they can

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Thanks. I was able to work around the bugs for the most part. I just remember a lot of aggravation getting things to work the way they should.

Thanks. I’ll give it a shot. I’m sure I’ll be back with some questions soon.