Monty Python have nothing on Xojo …

Don’t look at me - I can’t trink beer, so maybe that even disqualifies me as being German, and explains why I felt right at home in Scotland … and my mischievous traits?

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Are you a Windows / Linux user by any chance? :roll_eyes:

I thought it was, and ta-da, nicer emojis all around.

Not having to see those fugly emojis is a relief (and Dana agreed with me).

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This is awesome. I was wondering where my mischievous traits come from. Lol, I am a Scottish german. ,:grin:

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Have you done the walk from Kinlochleven (near Glencoe) to Loch Ossian, and then out to Speanbridge? One of my favourite walks …though the start (beside the church) is a bit hard to find (just keep walking upwards for a few hours :wink:

The whole west coast is fantastic, especially Applecross … 12 years of Scotland, a LOT of great times (I used to go for weekend walks and camped in Winter), and I absolutely loved Ceilidhs …


Unfortunately, I have not been to Scotland nor Germany…yet… This is on the bucket list :slight_smile: My wife jokingly gives me a rough time that only German-made clothes fit me correctly.

Its sounds like you had great memories!! I am sure that I would step on someone in a Ceilidh :slight_smile:

Who doesn’t!? It’s kind of expected …:roll_eyes:

That’s why they hook under so nobody can fall … :wink:

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Norman you do not really want to start drinking beer against somebody who is used to drink beer 3 days long at “Schützenfest” (kind of Octoberfest) :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah Scotland… this is on my bucket list since my childhood (and not since Outlander) :slight_smile:
A pity that they will leave us (EU) well maybe BJ will become the tragic historic person, who destroyed the Union… his one, not ours… maybe he misinterpreted the Oracle in Delphi…

My first visit in Germany from the 70s, at the radio was a song that says something like “Papa trink beer, Mama ist krank” (sorry for the probable bad spelling).

I do not think that I knew for what this add was… But it looked funny to me (and I never saw my daddy drink beer nor wine nor…) :wink:

I’ll give it one darn good try :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh see. I didn’t know that song, although watching “Disco” was obligatory in my childhood.

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Did you know John Lennon small song “My Mumy’s Dead” from 1970: John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band. The music comes from an old german song for children that said something lke:

“Shlaft Kinder Shlaft” (sorry for the bad German). Replace Kinder with your child’s name
Daddy sang that to me (and my brothers and sister) when I was a kid.

The video: nice. Not what I heard on the radio, but probably based on that idea/words.

:musical_note: :notes: :musical_note: :musical_note: :notes: :musical_note: :notes:

Schlaf Kindlein schlaf,
dei Mutter war ein Schaf
dein Vater der ist durchgebrannt
mit dem Geld von unsrer Bank
Schlaf Kindlein schlaf …

Generations …
I know an older text version. Calling the “burned-down Pommerland” … :zipper_mouth_face:

No. Clearly too early for me. That’s when my mother used to sing lullabies herself, before that role was taken over by my sister playing the following song each night on her record player. In her bedroom close to mine.

Sigh. Germans. No sense of humor. Next time I need to mark my post with [sarcasm] and [\sarcasm] tags …


P.S. … and of course I know the Pommerland version …