Mojo programming language

Sharing this for your comments, criticisms, and opinions. Or if it’s not your cup a tea, to be ignored.

I don’t really know the problem domain for Modular or fully understand the itch Mojo is trying to scratch, but I will say that the quality of writing / explaining (and thinking) in this document is very high and I have nothing but respect for it.

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Another decent article about Mojo.


Love some of the statements in there like

The key is that Mojo builds on some really powerful foundations. Very few software projects I’ve seen spend enough time building the right foundations, and tend to accrue as a result mounds of technical debt. Over time, it becomes harder and harder to add features and fix bugs. In a well designed system, however, every feature is easier to add than the last one, is faster, and has fewer bugs, because the foundations each feature builds upon are getting better and better. Mojo is a well designed system.


And more love for these statements from their latest email/newsletter (emphasis mine):

One challenge we have as a small company is that we are tapping into some of the fundamental problems the industry has been struggling with for years, and we cannot solve all the problems at once. We have transformative technology, and are focused on solving production-grade problems while scaling deliberately over time. We insist on building things right even if it takes a few weeks more.


We believe in beautifully crafted products that grow and evolve from an incredible community of developers, partners, and enterprises who provide us with meaningful feedback that we can act on to build and improve.

Things we wish the Green company would aspire to.

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The green company claims doing the first, but are definitely ignoring the latter. But w/o the latter the first one won’t work.

Lately they might claim the first but I’m not so sure

Guess we’ll see once a debugger is pointed at their latest revision of the System.Version code to see if they re still parsing the string - which they shouldnt be