Moaning about people complaining about Xojo

Don’t get too excited Hal
We all know how much you want to see Xojo crash and burn and fail … but it is not there yet

I want Xojo to get its act together and fix bugs. It’s Xojo causing its own demise. :frowning:

Cost me a LOT of time to recover from Xojo’s mess ups. So seeing Xojo flop so often does make me feel good about my decision to move to PHP. I’m validated every day.

I’d rather be using Xojo though. But Geoff messed up Xojo big time.


As far as I saw until now, he does not want Xojo to fail. But also known is: they lost now their Web-Framework-Developer what makes it complex to fix Web 2.0 Stuffs without a Web Framework-Developer. It is not so that you can start from scratch to work with that framework. It has to be done in the right way with the needed passion. Xojo needs to find somebody for sure. And until they have somebody and he got trained in case of the needed internal framework knowledge there will be half of a year or a year gone. Within that time they may have only a few fixes when they realize upcoming Showstoppers. What else shall they do.

That has nothing to do with not in love with the Company or Product. And trust me: I do not want the company to fail, there are people working and earning the money they need for their expenses, people having kids, they need their Jobs. That is normal und shall be so. Means on the other side: if Xojo would break down, this people deserve their Jobs and their incomes while working every day for the customers of the company.

And I also do not believe that Hal would ever think in that wise like you said before. I don’t know but there is let me say a cultural difference. Having a fight with a company or like it is here with it’s CEO makes you maybe thinking that the fighting person thinks the company should die. But that isn’t so. We want Xojo to live, to be in a good and working condition and to be able to fight all this bugs which are there.

How should they fix one Bug if they would fail? You are thinking wrong. At least I am thinking about so: when Xojo would get more customers and much more money they could get more employees to get stuffs fixed and to get frameworks improved. That is business normal. The next thing is: I would prefer that Xojo is correcting the Bugs because it can be a real pain for a developer when and if a framework has major Bugs. And yes: this always is under the supervisory of the CEO of the Company. In this case Mr. Geoff Perlman. But what it would help anybody of us when and if Xojo would fail??? Nothing. So we want Xojo to grow and fix the stuffs and develop the frameworks.

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Ironic how you change the subject so often.

The issue is Xojo ability to ship without tons of bugs. And now things will be likely worse off with Greg leaving.

Speaking the thruth about a lousy direction and crapy releases does not imply adesire to fail.

Yet… So, even you realize the problems and know that it is a real posible scenario with the current path.

Please … nobody believes that you care about Xojo’s future at this point, bug fixes or whatever

You get positively giddy when someone mentions a mere hint of a xojo bug on the official forum
at least you’ve stopped tweeting every one though

Give us another Muahahahaha to show just how much you don’t want Xojo’s demise

You can try to change the subject, but I’m not the cause of Xojo’s failures and lack of staff.

Xojo has said it take new hires about 6 months to get up to speed. So who is going to fix bugs in Web until then?

There are two possible ways: in your Idea of human being there is you and others are not the same as you or you really believe that somebody which says in front that that will come has not the right to say muhahaha. That has nothing to do with the thinking about the product and it’s chances to get bug fixed. You want to make all times you are writing here terror and war but let me say it so: there is no war against Xojo and no problem with the people working for Xojo. Most critics are about the Bugs and about the Release Cycle and so on. Critics about the Leadership of Xojo and not about the product by self.

Nobody, even Hal says that Xojo has not a brilliant product Idea behind. It has. And nobody wants Xojo to fall. While that would make only pain for the users. There would be no good for anybody but pain and losses for the users. If professional or citizen users: they would loose their Code and the future of their Code.

Even I can not say that I want Xojo to die. I said always that improving the quality would take care for a more reliable view on the future. So what you want to tell us with your writing? All time only troublemaking? See, we are not interested in trouble. That’s it.

Man if this isnt Geoff its Anthony, Gavin or Kem

but since they’re not willing to own their identity - ignore

EDIT - so much so they’re using tor or tor browser to hide their identity
Changed my ignore of them to 2 months

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I am nobody important and happy to be ignored
Not employed by Xojo or part of any Xojo initiatives like the MVP program
I am just a user of Xojo

lets just say cowardly lion

note Hal puts his name on EVERY post
I put mine
as do most people here

except you and you go to great lengths to stir shit up AND be anonymous

I wonder why ?



A wooden puppet comes to mind which seems VERY appropriate … in both ways …

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Don’t be a coward by hiding your name. Of course you can hide your name and just be a listener, but if you want to put you opinion then you have to reveal your identity. Otherwise you cant criticise anyone.

Oh, he can criticise anonymously just fine, it’s just that nobody will take him seriously. After all: A person should stand for what they believe in.

I do believe your premise is incorrect

its not anyone is just hoping to see Xojo fail
I’d rather it didnt
but DO expect it might

I believe its more accurate to say given their current trajectory and decisions they’ve made I EXPECT that it will fail in the not too distant future

And that day would be sad as there is/was so much potential wasted


For myself I do agree that many of their decisions for good while have been unfortunate and they spent lot of time and energy (and so money) on things that don’t matter and/or made life more difficult for existing customers.

I think API 2, as well as moving away from BASIC , has also moved them farther away from more common languages in some ways… Unnecessarily “unique” terminology is not a plus for new users IMO.

Beginners don’t stay beginners forever… And if the idea is to “lock-in” a new generation, I suspect that does just the opposite… But what do I know?

I hope they survive… but if it comes to pass that they don’t, I hope it is at least 5 years out… by then I will definitely be retired!

I obviously don’t know what their sales or what or their customer retention rate is these days…

Maybe they are OK, despite my unhappiness with their overall direction, with what they have chosen to focus on and the largely pointless (IMO) changes that break old code and in some cases make coding more arduous.

As I said, what do I know?

Time will tell.


Even if I do agree with you I wish you and some others used a little more sophisticated language to express your opinions since many of you are like coding heroes for my son, and now it is embarrassing to see you use that kind of words. I know the forum allows you to express yourself in your own style, but I also know that you easily can win the argumentation with more elegance.

Edited. :slight_smile:

But you missed one.

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