Merry Christmas to all

Hope everyone stays safe, healthy and has a wonderful holiday season regardless of which one(s) you celebrate

Here’s to a 2021 thats better for all


The Holiday Season of 2020 will be different from all perspectives compared to years past. It will be the first time in my life that I will not be spending Christmas Day with at least my mother, my wife and I will be spending it together, but apart from the rest of the family. This so the hopefully we will all be able to spend future holidays together.

So I too wish that everyone stays safe, sane and healthy… And make the best of a less than ideal situation.


Merry Christmas! And a much much better 2021

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Feliz Navidad a todo! y Feliz año nuevo!

That sounds so much better in Spanish, enjoy one and all, the best wishes from my little world to all of yours!!!

The two best Xmases I ever had were spend with only a friend (before I met my wife) and later only my wife - call everyone in the morning, then disconnect the phone and have three days of peace and quiet without the consumerism and stress. Brilliant.

Merry Christmas everyone! All the best to you and yours from snowy Canada

Merry Christmas.

My brother Peter is working as geriatric nurse in a retirement home.
They have 15 infected people there and a quarter of staff is ill already.
He seems still healthy (and tested negative a few days ago) although he could get it any day and not show symptoms.

We will not meet him on Christmas for sure.

Be the Christmas magic with you all…

Happy holidays to you all.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas Y’all

sorry for my delay. I just bought a new house and was moving in.

I hope every is safe and sound. I hope your loved ones are too.
and I really hope that 2021 is not the dumpster fire that 2020 was.

Have a good new year!

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Cool beans ! Congrats !
Although, having moved once at Christmas time, I’d never do that again :slight_smile:

You as well !

I moved to PA back last Feb but due to the pandemic I was having trouble finding a house. find found one and went through an ugly purchase… the seller’s agent was a d-bag. sellers were fine just the agent.
so it ended up I took possession right before christmas

Exciting, enjoy.

I will never move during the height of the summer again either, 34˙c and no A/C. Had to sleep with 3 fans, one blowing at my wife, one blowing at me and one blowing on the dog!