Memory leak in Standalone Webapp

In tof it is discussed, since I can not answer there anymore, I am doing that here:

Xojo has a problem with consuming memory over the time. That even the IDE is doing under Linux and under Windows. The IDE becomes really slow from it and that’s it.

This error is there since 2018 Version (maybe before but I was never testing older Versions). It became a bit better when 2019 released while there where many complaints about the IDE usability cause it became really fast really slow. But this error or part of the error is still there.

One user was even asking that there is the need of a hot fix for xojo 2019R3.1. I guess that will never be happened like xojo declared already. No Service on 2019 Version anymore was the last statement of GP on TOF.

So xojo needs to rework at least 2021 Version and bring out really fast an update what makes the Xojo install reliable and securely working even over long term tasks. Because that is not given. There where in history on TOF discussions about ways to sgutdown the app and startup another instance because of this problems.

Nothing was happened until now because? Ah yea, because they could not crack this error until now (following to the words of Greg in the TOF thread I am quoting above.Wheather it is a problem to use it for old Webapps or not: the newly written webapps will have the same errors like the old ones in case of climbing memory consumption and that makes it impossible to deploy and run without taking care of the ability of running and stopping and starting the Server without loosing connected users.

Therefore it is possibly needed to have a compiler guy which is really understanding his work cause this error seams to be an issue deeply in the language compilation and it’s resulting garbage collection. That is something where xojo needs now to spend time for.

So xojo, please correct theese errors to make users happy!