MC Tab Control (Open Source Project)

I am at my mvp version of a new Tab Control that is loosely based on the bootstrap nav control. If folks are interested in this please let me know here and I will continue to get it ready for the community. Here is a video to show the initial features and functionality.

Desktop: Mac / Windows

100% Xojo code (no declares and no plugins)


this look brilliant.

Is there a reason for not including Linux?

sound like someone should for k and add that support if they want it

could be mike has no need for it etc

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No reason other than someone would need to contribute as I don’t work on Linux UI. Every open source project I do comes from my paid software needs. :slight_smile:

I was more thinking along the line of maybe he is using declares or something system specific? Difficult to get that information myself without the source code yet …

Ah - no I am not using any declares :grin::+1:
@MarkusWinter I should have the repo up soon thanks guys!

Here is the link to the MC Tab Control repository on github

Ill be updating the wiki documentation today. Additionally I will be doing full testing on Windows also today.



I implemented the Global Setting Properties into the IDE Inspector to allow for an easier implementation.

Download link to the MC Tab Control repository on github

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