Mastering GIT

New book for those interested …

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How many people here use GitHub Desktop? I’m a late comer to it (having used the command line first and then Git Tower) but for a free app it’s pretty amazing.

This weekend I used Github Desktop for the first time and was also amazed. Most of my experience comes from using Tower.

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I used GitHub Desktop but now use the Git functionality inside VS Code. (One of my favourite editors, btw)

I still don’t really understand Git, especially the simplest scenario - creating a new repository from code I’ve already created on my computer. I still have to go to the Git website and drag the files in. Some basic understanding that I’m missing! Maybe this book is what I need!

I use GitHub Desktop app on my Mac. I don’t understand the details, but I use it to store code locally on mu computer. I have been able to wreck my code when coding too early or late in the day, then go back and restore to a previous version and fix it. It is a lifesaver.

I use GitKraken: