Making your Xojo app Applescriptable

I thought I’d present a few Xojo based projects here that I worked on in the past years. Some are finished, but most are not. I keep wanting to release some of them as products (and earn money with them), but just don’t find the time to make the effort. If any of you want to help (and get either paid or become a partner), let me know.

AppleScript support for Xojo apps

Invoking existing AppleScripts from Xojo isn’t that hard. But have you ever tried to make it possible that your app can be used through applescript, with custom commands and return values that you provide to AppleScript? Because that’s much harder.

I eventually added applescriptability to iClip, but first wrote a library in Xojo that makes this fairly easy.

Basically, you include this code of mine, and then you can create subclasses of special classes whose methods and properties are automatically be made available to an Applescript program. You then also have to write an “sdef” file, so that AppleScript knows that these methods and properties exist.

More about this here: Thomas Tempelmann | Making your Xojo OS X application scriptable (AppleScript)