MacOSlib TextArea Example question

I copied the MacOSlib and the “additional Modules” into my project, and copied all the code from the TextArea Example to my TextArea - however the example can respond to CMD-F aka Find and shows the find bar, but my project can’t … and I can’t find how that is done! I was expecting some MenuHandler somewhere but where?

Anyone can point me in the right direction?

Its quite possibly related to this

I dont have a 64 bit clean version of macOSLib so cant test to be sure
Just cloned the repo
Will peek

EDIT : no the textarea example window is not set up with a special ProcID

And you have the open event of the text area set up the same ?

Me.UsesFindPanel = True
me.UsesFindBar = true

this make the text area use the OS provided find capability

Got it - all I needed was some sleep.

In the menubar you need to set the Find menu to CocoaMenuItemFind

Thanks for the help!