MacOS Sonoma Web Apps!

This is cool. MacOS Sonoma is getting some Safari love.

Like iOS you’ll be able to save a web link as an “app icon” which will open in its own “app” but it’s just a safari tab. iOS has had it for a long time…



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Yeah, I thought that was an interesting new feature for Safari. If you go to the same 5 websites all the time it makes sense to make them ‘apps’.

It’s ironic that’s what Steve Jobs wanted for iOS…

I’ve used this on iOS
About the closest on macOS was dragging the link out to the desktop as a “webloc” document

Kind of the circle of life ?

Whats old is new and whats new is old
Round and round

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I suppose as native app development continues to increase in difficultly, Web Apps will become super attractive. They are already essentially sandboxed.

There’s only a few things I’d need access to like file uploads and watch folders for devices like scanners.

But my needs are for database apps…

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Something that is doable in a Web App UNLESS you want or need portable data (but then you could bring data down to sqlite and make a native app)

Agreed. Or PWA apps.

It’s a shame there are not more tools to make creating PWAs simple to develop.