macOS Sonoma may cause Xojo users more headaches

According to Rosyna Keller, these are the API that is being complained about.

I’m down a computer, but it seems I need to begin testing in Sonoma, I don’t think I am using any of the above listed API, but I bet Xojo 2021 does use 'em.


Are those newly deprecated for Sonoma? Or where they previously deprecated and now actually removed?

If newly deprecated, I could see showing a warning the first time teh app was launched under Sonoma, but still being able to run the app, but anything more then that IMO opinion is unreasonable for deprecated but not removed functionality … that absolute most IMO would be to show it at each launch but still let it run…

That could get awfully expensive for end users and be a reason not update to new MacOS versions until absolutely unavoidable!



Oh this could be brutal if it stays that way

Doesnt Apple already have tools that can examine a binary & let you know about this ?

Or is it just on submission to Notarization (assuming youre not using Xcode that would tell you this already) ?

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From what I understand, these are really old API (Carbon days).

I’ve seen posts saying if you’re 100% using CoreText, you should be fine.

It is a customer facing dialog, various people are showing it even affects Finder.

The reports also indicate, the app dies after displaying this dialog, I guess when it tries to access the API.

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That could also be the end for all Web 1.0 Developers, this message ends up the use of Xojo 2019R32 with MacOS if even one of this API’s is used. Since it is not running proper with Windows and Linux there is now no chance for the old Web 1.0 fans. You need to rewrite and I would bet there will not be any workaround or Patch provided by the inc. Neat for everybody using older Versions to prevent rewriting. Stay with an old MacOS Version for the next decade (impossible if somebody asks me) or end up with it and rewrite your App.

Or rewrite in another language where such gimmicks are not happened.

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Is there a list of what functionality causes this alert?

Is it just ATS* functionality?
That is something I removed from our plugins long ago.

Thanks Sam for the heads-up.

As a Xojo MVP, did you bring this to the attention of Inc. engineers long ago, or does Xojo now have to learn about it, indirectly through INN, due to Sam’s heads-up?

I just tried myself and I don’t see the such a dialog in Xojo applications so far.
Xojo 2023r1 and Xojo 2019r3.2 seem to work.

Also FileMaker 18 still works.

So far this isn’t an issue as far as I see.

Thank you for your reply. I was curious to know if there is an ongoing and consistent dialogue between the MVPs and the Inc., as mentioned in Section 3 of the MVP Charter, which states, “To act as an informal advisory committee.”.

The entire point is: we have no problem since it is tested. Good to know for the big amount of web 1 users which can’t switch to web2 but have to rewrite completely

As running good old Web1 in 2023 is already a risk, it doesn’t really matter, does it? Staying with the dinosaur saves you money before finally moving to something modern, free and stable.

Yes sir, true. But web 2 isn’t better and isn’t so much more secure we can infiltrate a web 2 app fast as an web 1 one

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Typical Xojo/MVP response. Someone indicates a problems exists, an MVP “tests” it, can’t reproduce it, and therefore the problem doesn’t exist and is dismissed… Well sorry, but that is bullshit. All that means is the “test” that was performed didn’t meant the requirements to trigger the error. Indicating that more information and research need be done. But No… .its much easier to dismiss it,


See, they have this system implemented since decades. So they look, oh I can’t reproduce, it’s okay. And so on. In old times that was functional. While less frameworks and so on. Tpday it is not working at all anymore. And so the System is broken. Is it time for a change? Yes. Will that happen? No.

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You forgot the typical, courteous but superfluous and off-topic “We solved it for our products already years ago :muscle:” - It is probably only me, but I’m innocent, it’s not uncommon to develop an allergy over time. Anyway, learning from other ecosystems is very curative.

We should develop an ad blocker for forums …

We could do that I know. Or we should develop a JavaXO Compiler

for whom? No customers, no fun.

That’s an argument. But what is with the hundrets of thousand Developers. I mean all could participate and having a winwin situation from this

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Does someone here have a sample where the dialog shows in Xojo?

If this is only about ATS* functions, then Xojo framework doesn’t use these. They were removed years ago.