MacOS Shortcuts

launch one via a URL


see Run a shortcut using a URL scheme on Mac - Apple Support (CA)

like opening a web browser

System.GotoUrl( ) should work


WTF is that?

I think he left out an “.”

a typo ? :stuck_out_tongue:

as a friend here likes to say
Winna Winna Chicken Dinna !

SystemGotoUrl( ). Still makes no sense. I assume its the “modern” replacement for showURL.

Given that you show windows when you create a new one, and showURL opens the web browser with a new tab, I think it’s more appropriate than gotoURL, which suggests the code is going to execute code at the URL…

What do I know?

renamed and stuck in a namespace
99.9% chance it calls in to the exact same code under the hood
Were I so motivated to point a debugger at both I could be 100% sure but I just dont give that many damns

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