macOS Semantic Color App ; Free Download available

This is not quite finished… but I will be posting this in a few days for anyone to use

But first… if you’d take a look at this screen shot, and see if you know of an Darkmode/Lightmode colors that ARE not depicted here

I need to adjust the labels, and of course add the RGB data on each color

Definitely missing some. I have 44 on mine, 33 on yours.


um… I don’t see listEvenRow and listOddRow colors defined anywhere

EDIT : .alternatingContentBackgroundColors[0] and [1]

but I did find a few you did not have

Yeah, it’s an old screenshot I use for reference, back when I missed teal. But mint I cannot find documented anywhere.

Well Mint is a legit color… I used the autocomplete for NSColor in Xcode to get the rest of these… going to check again to make sure I got them all

Mint is documented here

So it looks like the NSColor docs just aren’t up to date.

You guys know @samRowlands made one too?

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Nope I did not…
and while its nice… it WAY too small to read, and covers more subjects that I need (for the moment at least)

And unless I’m mistaken, AquaSwatch reports the Alpha component incorrectly

0 = transparent 1=Opaque

All the values there seem to be 255-value instead

That’s likely to compensate for Xojo’s ass backwards transparency and Color.RGB functions.

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Here is a free macOS Color App… .it shows all the macOS defined colors in Light/Dark/Vibrant modes.
This app is signed, but IS NOT NOTARIZED. It should also run native on Intel and M1

Written 100% in Swift

If you have any suggestions for features, let me know

link :

Note : macOS 12 should show one new color not available if macOS 11

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