macOS equivalent to UITABBAR in iOS?

for iOS there is the UITabbar and UIToolbar controls, where the UIToolbar is either Icon or text, and the UITabbar is either/and … Technically there go along the bottom of the device screen, but in fact can be place anywhere desired.

Xcode uses something similar in Interface Builder (just a strip of “icon” only buttons)

I have searched, but cannot seem to find a macOS version of such a control.
I could create a custom one, but would prefer to use a native one if such exists?

Another example would be the control strip above the main IDE window in Xojo

NSToolbar ?
That’s what a Xojo toolbar is afaik

TabBar is not the same as Toolbar.

Swift/ObjC have the NSToolbar of which it seems (like Xojo) there can be only one per window, and it is automagically a unified toolbar.

What I am doing instead is a NSView with a collection of NSButtons

oh that !!!
in the IDE that doesnt necessarily map to a specific macOS UI control that I know of
I’m not even sure that Apple talks about stuff like this in the UI Guidelines
AFAICT its would be a kind of “tool bar” but I have no idea what specific NS/UI control that is