macOS CodeSigning (Swift/ObjC)

I need to programmaticly create a file that contains the installed codesigning data from the users computer.

when I call the API to get that data I get this (on my machine of course)

3rd Party Mac Developer Application: R.David Sisemore (25DxxxxxxF)
3rd Party Mac Developer Installer: R.David Sisemore (25DxxxxxxF)
Apple Development: R.David Sisemore (64Zxxxxxx9)
Apple Distribution: R.David Sisemore (25DxxxxxxF)
Developer ID Application: R.David Sisemore (25DxxxxxxF)
Developer ID Installer: R.David Sisemore (25DxxxxxxF)
Mac Developer: R.David Sisemore (64Zxxxxxx9)
iPhone Developer: R.David Sisemore (64Zxxxxxx9)
iPhone Distribution: R.David Sisemore (25DxxxxxxF)

when I look inside an existing signed Xcode project file I see this

CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY = "Apple Development";

and in the Xcode app all I see is “Team Name” which is ’ R.David Sisemore’

So how can I be sure I select the correct entry from the list above?
Especially since the “Apple Developement” entry is a “6” code not a “2”

that sure looks like the Apple Distribution key (no?)

That is what I am “assuming” it to be… but it is strange the the tag internal to an existing Xcode project says “Development”

Unless its one of the #rd part Mac Developer ones ?