MacOS (a), the return!

A new MacOS Rapid update have been released yesterday by Apple, then removed.

Await and fear its return…

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Haven’t seen anything popping up or news about it. Sure you are not on ‘beta updates’?

They released the (a) update but it looks like they have a Safari bug, that’s why they pulled the update.

The “bug” apparently has to do with how certain sites (notably Meta’s) gag when they parse the user agent string with the ‘(a)’.

Hmmm—sounds familiar. :slight_smile:

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TBH isn’t it an improvement that Facebook doesn’t work? :joy:

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I installed it yesterday on a few devices. Seems smarter to leave the update installed unless one of the websites is a show stopper…


Now, Apple is talking about a (b) revision (but when ?).

Will Xojo be ready ?

Will developers that uses Xojo be ready ?

Will we see some developer coming week(s) after the others complaining after the (b) bug (if one appears, of course) ?

In fact, the MacOS update is noted (c)… and was released.

You’re right. Anyone still parsing THE string? :wink:

old green IDE’s did/do
right up to the very latest
the newest doesnt appear to

What an excellent reason to buy a new license :dollar: !

I envy such great marketing talent.