Mac users on Twitter

I’m trying to gather information on how to reach potential customers, so if you could please take this Twitter poll on how you find new apps for your Mac please.

I’m not going to create a Twitter account - want nothing to do with it. So I’ll respond here.

If it’s not in Setapp, I do a Google search.


One of my favorite and most useful apps, Dash, I discovered from a discussion on the Xojo forum. I wasn’t even looking for an app, but I ended up purchasing it anyway.


Do you go to set app and just look to see what’s new, or only if you already know what you’re looking for?

Both. Setapp notifies you of any new apps. But if I need to perform a function and don’t have anything to do it (or need a better way), then Setapp has categories and filters/search to aid in finding something.

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  • Where do you look to find new Mac apps?
  • Mac App Store
  • MacUpdate
  • MacWorld/MacFormat/iLife
  • Other (add as reply)

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I find all apps via discussions (verbal and/or online) and via google searches. Never used any of the other methods listed…