Mac 'Shortcut'

I am trying to automate what sounds like a simple thing, unless you have never done it before (on a Mac at least).

I have an application that allows multiple instances to be launched using terminal.

the terminal is used to create stdout (so I am told), which allows more than one instance, each instance must be started from a new terminal window.

what I would like to do is have a ‘shortcut’ or alias of some type that presents its self as a desktop object that I just click on and it starts that instance running.

/Applications/ --rig-name=vhf


/Applications/ --rig-name=hf

surely this is as simple as making a pot of coffee once you know how!



An applescript saved & compiled as an “application”

this one liner saved as a compield application with no startup screen opens more NEW copies of Safari

do shell script "open -n -b"

args would go after

there are other parameters that the open command can use

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Ok Norman, that was all new to me, never looked at apple script before.

after a lot of messing about I eventually got it working and now have a nice launch able
object to click, next is to make an ICNS file to give the image a meaning.

this is what I ended up with, the tricky part was having to actually add the ‘–args’ part rather than just the argument its self.

do shell script “open -n -a /Applications/ --args --rig-name=hf”

Thanks for the help.