Mac Email Colors

Does any one know how to set BOTH the text and background color of JUNK

“Junk” has its own rule , apart from the General Email rules… by mucking with both of them I can get the BACKGROUND color to change, but not the text color.

And on any ONE rule you can only set either Background or Text (and text doesn’t change the text color). Even creating TWO rules (in General Rules)… one for text and one for background, only the background works.

The problem is the “default” color is a sickly brown/yellow and my Mother cannot see this at all… I figured I’d simply change the text to RED and problem solved…

Well … Not so much… any ideas?

FYI… I’m testing this on Big Sur… she actually has Mojave (and will not be upgrading)

Maybe this:

As I said… this allows you to change only the background color…

Seems the Junk email TEXT color CANNOT be changed, despite the preferenc dialogs to the contrary… This has been a long standing “bug” (since at least 2016) and is well documented in various websites.