Localised app unit testing

If anyone needs confirmation of the way Xojo thinks:


Really UGH !!!

People alway s wondered why I had so darn many VM’s
Yes its tedious
But necessary

Unfortunately so, testing as much as you possibly can is so essential. In my eyes the cost of running them (time and money) is well worth it!

This reminds me about Path Finder, for which I’ve been a translator for some time. Eventually, I started no longer receiving new strings to translate from them and started to wonder. I recently checked and realised they now use automated tools for their translations (translator guys aren’t even listed in the about box anymore).
In effect, many strings in the french localisation are now literal translations, just wrong, as you can encounter in “fast delivered” apps.
Quality testing is ever decreasing, that’s my point…

Interesting that you do translation, I’ll remember that :sunglasses:

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Sure, no problem. :wink: