LiveCode raise another $350k

LiveCode recently crowdfunded a further $350k to build a new AI platform using their LiveCode engine - Xavvi.

I’ve mocked LiveCode in the past but they really do have a very loyal user base - how much could Xojo raise if they went down a similar route?

I refrain from any cynical answer to this question, even if that’s VERY difficult for me :slight_smile:

But back in the days when I used Xojo, there were MANY who would have paid A LOT if they had changed their strategy and fixed bugs first. I’m afraid the train has just left, so many concepts are left behind … :frowning:


350,000 / 2000 = 175 Xojo Pro Plus per year… :thinking:

If I had any faith that Xojo could actually deliver something other than a half-assed attempt at a crowd-funded feature I’d be interested. But given their history of over promising and under delivering it’s a hard pass for me. Though, to be honest, I’m not sure what new feature, control, or library would even be interesting at this point. So many targets and so many important things that are left undone/incomplete that I’m not sure you’d get enough people to consider A single item.

The people most likely to have funded it in the past are no longer part of the community. This topic came up from time to time over the past 15 years but Dear Leader was never interested. I think in large part because he would be compelled to actually deliver what WE wanted.


What a sad state of affairs.

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