Live code black Friday

I received this email today…

Still Available this Black Friday

LiveCode Indy, the programming language and IDE that makes coding intuitive.

Normal price $499, today’s price - whatever you like. Yes really, choose how much you want to pay and if you can’t afford anything, you can choose to pay $0.

Included with LiveCode Indy is our step by step App Building course, taking you through creating your first apps. You’ll also get access to the autocomplete feature helping you find the right code for your task. You can build and sell closed source apps using this license type. Don’t forget to join our great community too, via the LiveCode forums. Its a fab place to find answers to almost any LiveCoding question.

Just head on over to our Covid-19 offer page, and slide the slider to the price you like. Then get coding! We’ll be virtually with you all the way.


The syntax looks very interesting too.
Does it stop working after a year if the subscription ceases?

e) If the Licensed Edition has been purchased on a subscription basis it may only be used while your subscription is current.

So its a potential no-to-low cost entry, but signs up to a subscription model that could be $499 next year.
Still, it gives you a year to practice