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EOL for Windows 10 is October 14, 2025. Anyone fancy a bet?

I asked chatGPT, it is indeed cross platform, apologies for my misleading information. I guess you should give it a try!

The first answer is very Geoff
Saying something without really saying anything substantive

The second is just a complete BS line
Low code has nothing to do with “it can run everywhere” and the question is not really directly answered


cGPT has better answers too :slight_smile: - More home work for the marketing department …

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I suspect that the first step for that is the DatabaseConnection class.

This known issues list feels like it was scraped off a number of my blog posts and user comments over the years.


’Develop faster with Xojo’

Xojo marketing stinks.
It is an ugly mix of a few facts with fantastic claims. Marketing Xojo as a low code platform is a cynical move. I am a low code developer and Xojo does not deliver - it is not designed for the job. Xojo will never be a low code platform.

I would even go further, it’s just technically wrong. Nor can it be their goal (at least it never was the Inc.'s goal). It’s just marketing buzz (or complete ignorance) that unfortunately succeeds as seen on chatGPT and will also help for SEO.

Even LiveCode (whose forum is GP’s living room) doesn’t dare talk about low-code. I used to think months ago it was coming from the corner, but no.

If one thing is low code about Xojo, it’s the new documentation :slight_smile:

BTW, I realized that I’m derailing @npalardy’s thread, apologies.

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“DatabaseConnection class” is “Easy DB Connections”

The description doesn’t sound similar. The “DatabaseConnection class” sounds like a way to have two sets of creds.


   if system.evironmentvariable("dbEnv) = "production" then
          ' configure for production
   elseif system.evironmentvariable("dbEnv") = "qa" then
          ' configure for qa
          ' configure for local testing
   end if

or are they contemplating some kind of ORM as well ?

Without atrocious bugs at the time of release, of course…

I mean, gosh, they should just steal whatever from ActiveRecord now that it’s open source. Shine it up and put their own spin on it.

For that they would have to get that they are on a total wrong way. I doubt that it will be happened ever.

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Oh, I doubt it too. But ARgen worked very well for a lot of people. I know it saved me boatloads of time over the years. Do a little DB design work up front, run it through ARGen and boom! 80% of the tedious work was done.

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That would get them a lot further down the road than they are today

There are some changes I’d make to make it so regardless of what kind of connection you have things “just work” without any fuss

Minor changes but …